Friday, March 8, 2013

CLAYMORDS Releases Music Video And Digital Single From The Upcoming Album “SCUM OF THE EARTH”

CLAYMORDS are debuting on Wormholedeath with the release of the single from the upcoming album releasing worldwide both digital single and music video. The video is produced by Dispenser Media, directed and shot by Snorre A. Hovdal.

In 2012 we were happy to sign a deal with CLAYMORDS and welcomed them in October down to Parma, Italy to record “SCUM OF THE EARTH”. CLAYMORDS is a band that dares to be different in a very positive way. All members have long experience both writing music and performing. Snakes, poetry, both male and female growling duets, torch blowing, body burning, painshow is just a few the things you can have experienced during a show. “-CLAYMORDS is the bravest/toughest band from Norway-” Mikhail Ponomarav (Russian Promoter).

No challenge , pain or obstacle is too big. Being bit in the head by a guy in the audience, car desperado in Sweden running down their audience with his car, driving in -35C without heat in the car in desolate Russian roads, the last poster was banned by the club owner (Bergen, NO) and once Sune Eggen forgot the heater to his snake, so he had to keep it warm in his sleeping bag with him. With this release CLAYMORDS finds themselves musically, and gets the production quality they deserve through Realsound Studio.

Next, after this, CLAYMORDS, May 4th are releasing the entire album at the venue Svalbar at Spitsbergen. Spitsbergen is a part of the remote arctic part of the world. Only 1 ½ h from the North Pole. 3000 living polar bears (2200 people) and wearing a gun is mandatory (except the bank).

The music and the video are available today through most digital platforms. Video:

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