Sunday, March 3, 2013

Colossus Fall: Debut EP SEMPERVIRENS reissued

Released a first time last year, "Sempervirens", the debut EP by stoner/sludge/hardcore/metal swiss act Colossus Fall has just been reissued on CD/digital  and is available right now on the band's webstore.

The band as it exists today was formed in July 2011 in Geneva by members having previously taken part in various bands of the swiss metal scene. The project is part of the meeting of David Moro (guitar - formerly of Forge) and Philippe Suarez (guitar - former member of Amok) in 2009. A number of musicians have contributed to the karma of the band their way sooner or later. Finally, Yannick Cochain (bass - Sedative member) joined the crew in February 2011, Bastien Piguet (drums - a member of Lost Sphere Project) in April 2011 and Quentin Bocquel (vocals - member of 1Kub & The Wicked Wicked) in July 2011. Bastien Piguet left the band to follow a professional drum school in London, he was replaced by Fabien Dunoyer in September 2012.

For this year, more than this reissue, Colossus Fall is moving forward with the aim to release several recordings (a split and some exclusive tracks on various compilations) and to take the time to write and record a full-length album planned for 2014.

But before, the "Sempervirens" EP is available for full streaming on Bandcamp.

For fans of Coalesce, Converge, Isis, Keelhaul, Mastodon... 

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