Friday, March 15, 2013

FARADAY CAGE: "Tales of Human Nature" Full Streaming

Faraday Cage is a spanish metal project, which bases his lyrics in real history facts, with a base of powerful riffs, and structures that in some case, may touch the progresive. 

The band starts in early 2008 in Alicante, with members of extincted local bands, but it isn't until 2010 when it is complete. During the process, they do several shows with other bands, among which include the french Kells, or spanish metalheads Tribal. 

Between their influences, stand bands like Devildriver, Amon Amarth, Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, Gojira, Kylesa, Mastodon, Chthonic, In Mourning... 

 Below can be heard the debut album entitled “Tales of Human Nature” released in 2012. Find them on Facebook.

2.To Autumn
3.Dirty Bomb
5.Laki Haze
6.The Last Lullaby
7.Suicide Sal
8.Blighty Wounds
9.Cabin Fever
11.Ashes of Roses

Faraday Cage is: 
Criss: Guitars
Toni: Bass
Titov: Guitars
Ømêga: Vocals
Emilio: Drums

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