Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Forbidden Records Streaming New Releases From A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL and GOATCRAFT on Bandcamp

Forbidden Records has posted full albums streams of the forthcoming albums from ATRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL and GOATCRAFT on the label's page.

Two vastly different, yet equally stellar examples of underground black metal, A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL's Gorgos Goetia and GOATCRAFT's All for Naught are both streaming in full ahead of their March 20th release date.

Visit to check out both albums and more from the Forbidden Records catalog.  Digital versions of these releases will also be available from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Rhapsody, etc. and other online retailers worldwide.

Download the free FORBIDDEN RECORDS digital compilation here.

A step in a new direction for A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERALGorgos Goetia is a staggering 72 minutes of raw and unbridled black metal magick, with no drum machines, no keyboards and minimal production values to retain the creative and improvisational style of the album. Gone are the meticulously crafted layers of guitar harmonies, replaced with primitive barre chords and haunting arpeggios. Blasting robot drum machines are cast aside as Sleepwalker's abuse of live drum dynamics dominate the recordings. The attitude is unflinching, the music unforgiving and the energy undeniably present like never before on Gorgos Goetia. Sleepwalker continues to work alone as A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL, handling all the writing, recording and production of the album exclusively.

Stream Gorgos Goetia.

GOATCRAFT forged the genre of necroclassical, or dark neoclassical soundtracks that create an atmosphere of ageless beauty and melancholy violence. With All for NaughtGOATCRAFTexpands into lush soundscapes that explore the themes of dark and occult music without becoming repetitive. Comprised of equal parts dark ambient, horror movie soundtrack and death metal-inspired violent piano All For Naught is music for a new millennium. Elegant melodies rise from aggressive hammering piano, and then descend into moods of bleakness and conflict. If dark ambient could be aggressive, it would want to be GOATCRAFT

Stream All for Naught.

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