Friday, March 1, 2013

Rorcal: New album for immediate release and full streaming

Today is the Doomsday : after two years on the road defending "Heliogabalus", working on some split collaborations and trying to write new music using new schems, time has come to finally unleash the third album by the swiss doomcore/black conspiracy Rorcal.

A subtle blend of old drone/doom ingredients and some new unexplored black metal influences finally gave birth to eight new tracks, recorded by Stéphane Kroug (at Wood Recording Studio) and place in the hands of Raphaël Bovey for the post-production to be reunited under the sweet name of "Vilagvege".

For the fist time, Rorcal is happy to release this new album on vinyl, in close collaboration with its own imprint Cal of Ror Records (Lilium Sova), Sick Man Getting Sick Records (Alaskan) from Germany and the new french label Lost Pilgrims Records (Cortez). A tape edition will follow on the german Wolves in Vibrancy Records (Ilydaen).

So get you copy on the Rorcal doommarket, Lost Pilgrims Records & Sick Man Getting Sick. 

But before, you can have you personal dose of doom/black with a full streaming session of the on Bandcamp, if you dare...

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