Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Moth Gatherer: “A Bright Celestial Light” you don´t want to miss this!

This is my third review in a row of a Swedish band but now we aren´t talking about what would be expected, no doom, no death, and not the usual visceral stuff (don´t get me wrong, I absolutely love that kind of “shit”), no! This time around this is all about experimental or progressive (as you wish) to transcend the meaning of what music is. To me this is a very dear style because the hypotheses of what sound can be, represent and make you feel are virtually endless.

Following or not a natural process, this genre is always mutating or suffering some kind of evolution that takes the listener in some type of travel trough a space without time in his own mind, is almost like if the world stops and the only thing that exists is loose notes that in harmony form a vibrant and powerful melody from which we can absorb feelings (does this even make any fucking sense?). Well, this is what I feel all the time that I close my mind to any “intruder” or noise and immerse myself in a really good progressive work. Right now I’m with my mind closed, completely isolated from the world, hidden in my room with shutters closed, no light (just the light of my pc prevents darkness to install) and listening to a really great band called The Moth Gatherer; more precisely I’m listening to their debut “A Bright Celestial Light”… transcending, brilliant!

This extreme duo monster was conceived by Alex Stjernfeldt and Victor Wegeborn in 2008 as a experiment. But only in 2010 The Moth Gatherer gained life, it was by this time that Alex and Victor started to record seriously. “A Bright Celestial Light” is their first work, their debut mastered by Karl Daniel Liden (Terra Tenebrosa grammy nominated  Switchblade album) and will see the light of day on April 16 of 2013 via Agonia Records.

Definitely you can sense that morbid feeling that rises from Sweden and these two artists display a huge spectrum of sound since beautiful and calm melodies, heavy slow and fast rhythms to a tasty ambient musicality. As soon as you hear their work you will be induced into wide range sonority and into a multi layered soundscape with some lines of doom, sludge, ambient and alternative that all together gives birth to a celestial progressive album.

In a way this is a scrawled idea of what “A Bright Celestial Light” is cause I think it’s very difficult to give a objective meaning to something so disperse and huge. Fuck I always had trouble in saying something really factual about music that makes me day-dream. If you are tired of my non sense words I can tell you that bands like Cult of Luna, Breach, Neurosis, Pelican and Amenra have some similarities with The Moth Gatherer, so if you are a dark, introspective, progressive lover this is the “real shit” for you! But despite these similarities they managed to stay apart what is very impressive.

One of the things I love the most in this album is the lyrics! There are a lot of emotions invoked and you much certainly can see yourself in them. Songs about death, missing people you loved who have passed away and about losing hope in mankind. Alex comments: “We just want our music to be an emotional explosion.” And this is one for sure! A journey inside the musicians mind and our own in a multi dimensional “world” that can be very complex and dark but at the same time very warming and simple to absorb.

With five tracks composing the album with no less than eight minutes each this work is in my list of experimental metal to follow. I´m not going to talk about each song separately because this is so huge that is almost impossible for me in a crystal clear way to describe them and as I said before I’m not that good when it comes to talk about something so dreamy and multi layered. But as a whole this is that experimental work with no boring songs, with different tempos, atmospheres, melodies and always varying, you don´t want to miss this!

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The album will hit the shops on April 16th worldwide.
1. The Water That We All Come To Need
2. Intervention
3. A Road of Gravel and Skulls
4. The Womb, The Woe, The Woman
5. A Falling Deity

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