Tuesday, March 26, 2013

VAREGO: cooperation with JARBOE and new EP

Exactly one year since the recording sessions of the album "TVMVLTVM", the Post Metal/Sludge band VAREGO is back in the studio to record new songs. The band is working again with producer BILLY ANDERSON, and the new opus, scheduled in 2013, will see the presence of an Artist who is an authentic muse and one of the big legends of contemporary music: JARBOE will join forces with the band as special guest, to give life to a new dimension of cosmic energy and bewitching strength.

The artwork of the upcoming work will be drawn by one of the most innovative and talented painters of today, Marco Castagnetto (alias ZenPunkArt), also known for his musical outfits T/M/K (Thee Maldoror Kollective) and recently SHABDA, whose drawnings are usually populated by spirituality, introspection and analysis, mutation and the new flesh, giving bodies and brains to a kaleidoscopic whole made up of eclectic characters and situations.

Promotional "Necromancer" poster is courtesy of ZENPUNKART.COM, exclusively for Varego

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