Saturday, March 16, 2013

WARBREATH release debut album, lyric video

Chilean metal band WARBREATH have uploaded the Lyric Video of the track "Devastation" that comes off its debut album "Gates of Beyond" released via Digmetalworld Records. Download the Full Album for Free at this location.

Watch the lyric video of "Devastation" BELOW.

The album was recorded at Ignacio Figueroa's Estudios in ViƱa del Mar, Chile. The art cover was designed by Christopher Peters "A.K.A. Trejoe at Deviant Art".

The tracklist can be seen below:
1. Evilution
2. Devastation
3. Hell Fire
4. Wander
5. Seed of fire
6. Bound to no man’s land
7. Kill the Mind
8. On my way to Acheron

Warbreath is:
Carlos Escobar: Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitars
Lead Ronny: Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Alex Cluster: Bass / Backing Vocals
Gustavo Lara: Drums / Backing Vocals

More information about the band at this location.

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