Thursday, April 11, 2013

EXHALE - "When Worlds Collide" Album Artwork Cover & Tracklisting Revealed

The album cover artwork for Swedish Grind-guerillas EXHALE's third full-length effort "When Worlds Collide" is now complete and the band has chosen the emphatic Dutch illustrator Dennis Sibeijn (Slayer, Exodus, Aborted, Job For A Cowboy, etc) to put their visual aspect of"When Worlds Collide" into the most twisted and modernistic form possible.

…::: EXHALE - When Worlds Collide :::…
1) Wrath Unleashed
2) Avsky
3) Apocalypse
4) Machinery
5) Barriers Of Blood
6) Monuments Of The Dead
7) Concealed Within
8) Till Slakt
9) Glorify The Dumb
10) Vigilante
11) In This Valley
12) Etiketter
13) Illusions
14) Left Inside

"When Worlds Collide" was recorded, mixed and mastered at Hoborec Studios (Inevitable End, We Are The Damned, etc) with Ulf Blomberg at the production desk.
Martin Brzezinski - Vocals
Johan Wold Ylenstrand - Guitar
Gustav Elowson - Drums
Johan Fogelberg - Bass
Andreas Allenmark - Guitar

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