Sunday, April 21, 2013

GLOOM: "...Bless You All!!!"

GLOOM, formed in 2002 in Madrid (Spain), recorded their 1st demo in 2006. The band underwent several changes when Ayuso (Unsouled) joined on drums and James Surt (Omission) on bass. With this line-up, they recorded their first album "Mater Tenebrarum", which received positive reviews from the press and great success with the public.

In 2011 R.Necroseheiim (Cryfemal, The Art of Blasphemy) joined on vocals, adding a variety of ranges and new hues to the band. In 2012 Gloom recorded their first EP "...Bless You All!". The EP was recorded at Desmo Sound Studios & VRS Studios, was edited by Crystal Eyes Records and boasted the artwork by the amazing Juanjo Castellano. After the recording was completed, James Surt left the band, replaced by Manu.

This record will not leave you feeling indifferent for it is teeming with intense, devastating and dark Death Metal contrasting with parts more reminiscent of Black and Grind hues. "…Bless You All!!!! is very personal in its style, shying away from current fashion and trends and drawing you in again and again until it drives you crazy. It is full of wild, brutal and majestic guitar riffs, technically devilish drumming and inhuman voices.

The band is now on tour and preparing new material. "…Bless You All!!!" is essential for your collection… and don't miss the chance to hear it performed live.

01. End of the Wicked
02. Coltan (mp3)
03. X Way
04. Dark Side of 
Desmodromic Pantheon
05. Dies Nefastus
06. Evil Fuels
07. Moebius Syndrome

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