Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Grotesque Gallery: Video Released "Raajaton"

Industrial Metal band Grotesque Gallery released a videoclip for the song Raajaton taken off of the upcoming album Smertheim which can be seen below.

Grotesque Gallery about the upcoming  album SMERTHEIMcommented:

"Violent recording was produced partly with crying child labour and completely unethical electricity, spared by the earth hour. The animal rights were not considered and also your tax funds were consumed in this - in one way or another. So listen carefully. We would thank if we were grateful.

Next we try to tell you that the album that will follow the single Raajaton, was produced with a great assembly fuck:

On the album you can hear the effort of Nitte Valo (Vänskä), the former vocalist of BATTLE BEAST, radiolegend Jorma Elovaara, Evil Hellman aka Petri Kolkka, the guitarist of the legendary HELLBOX and brutal CANNIBAL ACCIDENT with his guitarsolo and least and also last - VVPP - the one and only 7 piece male choir with 4 testicles - in their mouths.   The album was mixed by twelve severely disabled chimps and mastered by Eemeli Kelokorpi.

Yes - we failed."


A long time ago an Austrian doctor that we all know by name Schicklgruber became wanted by the Austrian goverment for his illegal tests with his patients. The doctor exiled.

Schicklgruber was turned down by the whole world and his life became meaningless. Now he was unable to practice the profession which he loved.

The doctor found a land where he decided to form his own country. According to the natives, the sun has never shined there. Schicklgruber started to call his newfound land by the name Kirkidia.

At the same time things got violent in Israel. The israelis tried to kill the lebanese people. They spread combs which were able to shoot laser through head. The laserbeam melted the penis that pierced the body, went into the heart and killed a man.

Schicklgruber heard about what had happened and he demanded to have the blueprints for the robotcomb, the LCSCC (Laser-Controlled Surgical Cyborg Comb). Well, he didn’t get them so he decided to take the path of crime.

The year 2004 Schicklgruber managed to jack the blueprints for LCSCC model RX-10. He builded a robotcomb which had wings and was able to fly like a bird.

He understood that now he could have his revenge against everyone who ever had doubts about his geniosity and conquer the whole world. The neighbouring countries laughed at the idea but they also told Schicklgruber to keep the cyborg inside the borders of Kirkidia. They called the robotcomb by contemptuous name- The Owl of Kirkidia.

The doctor commanded the comb to go and destroy the enemies of Kirkidia, but the owl was hesitating. It didn’t want to leave Kirkidia and the reason for that was the sun. The continuous mine fires had caused everlasting clouds to the sky above Kirkidia. Clouds were too heavy for the wind to blow away.

Schicklgruber wanted to die when he saw that his plans were going to fail, but with the ethics of a doctor, he couldn’t kill himself. He told the owl to kill him, but the owl didn’t obey. Schicklgruber hadn’t read the hebrew instructions correctly so he missed the operational principle of the RX-10.The model RX-10 had the ability to read thoughts and was programmed to function conversely to what the victim wanted. So the owl left the doctor alive and flew away. The owl spread fear in the area of west-Kirkidia, where it had destroyed all colonization and fulfilled the darkest nightmares of the people who lived there.

The fault that the mind reading and operating conversely caused, was the difficulty to control the comb. Practically the only way to control the RX-10 was to sacrifice people to it. If you sacrifice people that doesn’t want to die, the comb does what you want and kills the people.

The doctor tried to pay someone for killing him, but the owl of Kirkidia protected him.

The loneliness and the longing for death motivated him to build a son, unca -Pauno. From around the world, were different parts of Pauno delivered. Is there enough opponent for The Owl of Kirkidia now? Is another cyborg the only way to kill the mindreading cyborg? Will Schicklgruber get his beloved death through the hand of his son?
continues here.

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