Monday, April 22, 2013

Heavy Metal fans suffer more from depression and anxiety, study argues!!

Study published by the American Psychological Association concluded that who hears heavy metal is more prone to depressive states.

A study of APA - American Psychological Association - focusing on 551 college students argues that most connoisseurs of heavy metal tends to suffer from "significantly higher levels of anxiety and depression" than fans of other styles of music.

Conducted by psychologists at the University of Columbia and California, the analysis aimed to examine "the emotional states of young adult listeners of heavy metal, compared with non-listeners", says the website Ultimate Guitar.

57 percent of respondents revealed themselves admirers of heavy metal (in this study included, hardcore, emo, screamo and heavy metal classic): hardcore fans had the highest level of anger, anxiety and depression; emos were considered the most depressive, high anxiety pointed at listeners screamo and classic heavy metal.

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