Thursday, April 25, 2013

I AM THE TRIREME announce the release of their latest album UNHOLY on Dark Harvest Records.

Few bands can match the ferocity and sheer brutal combination of melodic death and vile symphonic black metal that I Am The Trireme (pronounced "i am the tri' reem") has conjured. Hailing from Philadelphia PA, IATT bring forth a relentless, fast paced, crushing wall of blackened brutality and haunting melodies. IATT announced to day the release of their latest album UNHOLY on Dark Harvest Records.

UNHOLY is the re-imagining and re-recreation of IATT's debut self release titled Unholy Divination.

IATT guitarist Alec Pezzano explained the project, “As artists we have grown immensely in the past three years (since Unholy Divination's 2010 release), and pushed ourselves in ways we could have never imagined. We still loved the material from the original Unholy Divination, but had a new vision for what those songs could have been. Thus UNHOLY is the re-telling of the nightmare from a much wiser, darker, refined IATT. While the original Unholy Divination was in essence a window into a world of black magic, conjuration, and the occult; UNHOLY is the promised return to that world, culminating with the bonus track, Finding It Hard To Maintain.”

UNHOLY was produced, mixed and recorded by IATT's Jim Jenca at his personal studio. Drum tracking was done at 0x1 Sound Studios in Cherry Hill NJ with award winning audio engineer Jason Ruch. (Ruch produced and mixed the original Unholy Divination). Mastering was done at Arcane Digital Recording in Chandler AZ by Ryan Butler.

UNHOLY is set to hit stores and e-tailers on 6/4/13. Dark Harvest Records is currently running a promotion on their facebook page to give away 5 pre-release and autographed copies.

A preview track, I AM Many, is available  below via the Dark Harvest Soundcloud player.

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