Saturday, April 27, 2013

MERIDIAN reveal art cover, track list and release date for its debut EP; Offers free album download!!

Chilean heavy metal band MERIDIAN have revealed the art cover and the track list for its debut EP called "Meridian". The release date is set for April 15th, 2013 via Digmetalworld Records. Meridian is side project of VASTATOR's vocalist,  Sr. Diaz and ENTRANCE guitarist guitarist Richard Pilnik, the mini album contains 4 tracks of classic heavy metal sound. More information and a lyric video for the track "Meridian", will be release in a few days.

Meridian's mini album was recorded by Richard Pilnik and Gerardo Barnechea at Kabara Musical Studios in Santiago, Chile and mastered by Richard Pilnik studios. The art cover was designed by Chaotic Kimist.

Sr. Diaz commented below:
"We are putting out this tracks so people can get to know us, but we are already working on a full album to be out we hope by the end of this year. Meridian's sound is a classic heavy metal like "Merciful fate and Judas priest" but we still would like to add a little more of aggression to it, so we are working on it as it is right now".
1. Meridian
2. All 4 One
3. Midnight Train
4. Restless

Previously, the band have uploaded a teaser track for "Midnight Train", check it out BELOW.

You can download the album at this location for free.

More information about this release, can be found on Sr. Diaz Project's page on Facebook.

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