Tuesday, April 23, 2013

NOCTURNE "Ave Noctem" CD Released Today!!!

Chicago based Progressive Black / Death Metal group NOCTURNE have released their debut album today on Do Or Die Records. NOCTURNE was formed in 2009 by Dan Klein, ex Deist (Chicago) drummer who plays all instruments and takes on vocal duties making it a solo project. NOCTURNE offers a brand of progressive black / death metal that spans many genres and influences coherently wound tight in an aural assault of darkness, power and despair. Keep up with updates from NOCTURNE through the official NOCTURNE facebook page.

 "Ave Noctem" is available for purchase here.

 1. Pursuance of the Righteous Elucidation
2. The Prodigious Plight
3. Rites of Contrition
4. Ave Noctem
5. Pain of Purity
6. Anxiopath
7. The Abyss

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