Saturday, April 13, 2013

ORATOR Signs With Pulverised Records

Pulverised Records announced the profane communion of ORATOR, the Death / Thrash act hailing from the cremation grounds of Bangladesh!

Formed in 2008, ORATOR has so far released one 7" EP, a live demo tape and followed by the group's first full-length album. After the debut full-length “Kapalgnosis” recently got released in 2013 under Armée De La Mort Records, the band has decided to make haste and work on their second full-length effort.

The yet-to-be-titled second full-length will contain nothing but straight up old-school Death / Thrashing tandava in the vein of their first album. ORATOR plans to release the album by 2014. Behold the pulverized Aghoratical Deathrashing rage!

And as the band states: “We are presently working on new songs and we look forward to reveal them in our second album through Pulverised Records. More announcements on the upcoming album will follow in the course of time. ORATOR forms this mighty pact with Pulverised Records to bring their old-school Death Metal Aghori cult to a whole different level of existence both locally and internationally. The band therefore looks forward to a long and successful relation with the mighty Pulverised Records."

Pulverised Records A&R manager Calvin further commented: "This was totally unexpected. In all honesty, no one would have imagined in their wildest dreams that there is much of an extreme scene in Bangladesh. ORATOR basically decimated all forms of sensibility and logic that we knew (or lack thereof) in the Bangladeshi Metal scene and ripped our faces off with their debut "Kapalgnosis"! We can't seem to stop raving about ORATOR and convinced that ORATOR is easily on par with the Death / Thrash Metal legends and greats of our time. Those who have embraced the intensity and savagery of the early 90's Death Metal will instantly dig ORATOR!"

To savour the hateful Death Metal abomination that is ORATOR,  below you can hear 'Gnosis Stained Khadga', a new track taken off from the latest album"Kapalgnosis".

Mephistopheles Warmonger - Drums
Skullbearer - Guitars, primary aghorations and lyrics
Vritra Ahi - Bass and secondary aghorations

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