Saturday, April 20, 2013

This Gift Is A Curse vinyl reissue to come in june

After some awesome releases during the past years (ASIDEFROMADAY, Dirge, Kehlvin, Process of Guilt, Unfold...), Division Records will continue to spread huge doses of hard music in the next months.

The first one will be out in collaboration with Monotonstudio Records and Discouraged Records and will consist in a LP reissue of "I, gvlt bearer", the first full length album by the swedish blackened sludge hardcore conspiracy This Gift is a Curse.

In a few words : a crushing experience, distilling all its influences in a new configuration of extreme aggression. Combining the hatred of early & raw Black Metal with the heavyness of modern & metallic Sludge harcore. Suffocating, dark, dense, rich and personnal, this music is a new step in the revolution of extreme metal.

You've been warned, hell is upon you all!

The LP repress will be it the stores & distributors in june but in the meantime, a full-album stream is available below.

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