Thursday, May 30, 2013

ALT: Damaged new official video posted

After 3 EPs in less than a year, ALT is going to unleash the last part of its 4 EPs series, expected for a september release. But in the meantime, took some time to shoot music videos. 

Last months, the band revealed a videoclip for it's single "This ain't no hit" from it's EP #2. Right now, a brand new video is available on YouTube for the song "Silhouettes & summer frowns".

“The tone is set, the motto, definitive. Because if you want a thing done well, do it yourself : french power-rock act ALT considers that if their music has to be labeled, better do it with a category they would create themselves. Damaged Rock then, somewhere between high-energy rock, indie alternative from the 90?s and catchy stoner-pop.

Damaged as the reflection in a broken mirror from those past and present styles, periods and places that ALT claims as its essence… turning  it into a nervous and finely wrought muscular fundamental element…”

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