Monday, May 13, 2013

Children of Bodom: "Transference" New Video Released

Finns Children of Bodom have posted a new official video clip for the song "Transference" taken from the upcoming album entitled "Halo of Blood" which will be released on June 7th, 2013, through Nuclear Blast. The video clip can be seen below.

"Halo Of Blood" track listing:
01. Waste Of Skin
02. Halo Of Blood
03. Scream For Silence
04. Transference
05. Bodom Blue Moon (The Second Coming)
06. The Days Are Numbered
07. Dead Man's Hand On You
08. Damage Beyond Repair
09. All Twisted
10. One Bottle And A Knee Deep

Children of Bodom acquired their name from a legendary murder that took place in Finland at Lake Bodom. When four teens went camping at Lake Bodom in 1960, three of them were stabbed to death in the middle of the night, and the man who survived, Nils Gustafsson, went insane and was committed to an asylum. He said he saw the Grim Reaper. In 2004 the Finnish Police arrested Nils Gustafsson, who was assumed to be the killer. However, there wasn't enough proof against him, so he was acquitted, and the case remains still unsolved. The Grim Reaper is Children of Bodom's mascot and has appeared on all of their album covers to date.


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