Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Corrosive Carcass: "Composition of Flesh" Stream In Full

Swedish Death Metal band Corrosive Carcass has posted in full his latest album entitled "Composition of Flesh" which was released through Abyss Records last year. 

Loyal to the beastly sounds pioneered by their legendary countrymen in DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED, Swedish death metal act CORROSIVE CARCASS delivers raw and aggressive old-school death on their debut "Composition of Flesh." Fans of chaotic OSDM are strongly urged to hear "Composition of Flesh" and then visit Abyss Records Webstore.
Tracklisting & Times:
1. The Flesh is not Enough 0:00
2. Butchershop 2:29
3. Self Mutilation 6:17
4. Born in a Casket 9:11
5. Necrotizing Fasciitis 11:34
6. Awesome Nuclear 14:02
7. Twist of a Knife 17:42
8. Chainsaw Dissection 20:03
9. Avatar 22:39
10. Collector 23:47
11. Dawning Death 28:45
12. Hunger 30:09
13. The End of Us All 33:47

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