Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Below can be seen a new song "SCHOOL DAY TERROR" by Blackened Heavy Metal band from Fort Lauderdale, FL , FAETHOM,  to be featured in their upcoming concept album currently untitled.

It's Lila's first day of school and she is very scared. Santa Siniestra is a severely pious establishment and Lila's situation is a highly delicate one. She has NEVER been to school or into town for that matter. Her existence was meant to be kept a secret forever but her mother has had enough and she feels it is time for her to make herself known to the others.

The new concept album will also be based on a horror story written by Mariela Muerte and it's a tragically horrific one filled with injustice, violence, rage, vengeance and death.  It is set in a small, desolate Bolivian town from which the character in the picture hails, she is known posthumously as: LA FIERA. Watch out, for this vengeful cholita because she means business!

The music video for the song 'The Letter' taken from the full-length "In The Name Of The Father, The Son, And The Unholy" can be seen here.

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