Monday, May 20, 2013

Kaotoxin Records Releasing Hand of Glory from UK Instrumental Doom Act THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK on July 2nd (FR) and August 6th (UK/U.S.)

Kaotoxin Records will release Hand of Glory from French instrumental doom act THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK on July 2nd in France and August 6th in the UK and U.S.

"Loud and Low" is the motto for a band playing with two drummers that anchor a sound rife with dynamics and contrast, while the EP as a whole works as a hypnotizing, mesmerizing soundtrack to the apocalypse. Walls crumble, the Earth cracks and the gates of Hell are thrown wide open; never has an earthquake sounded so magnificent. Deep droning bass and primitive twin-percussion bring the rumble, as a roaring low-end thunder, spiked with dark melodies from the guitar tandem produce images of silver surfers riding the crest of a tsunami. This is devastation in all its beauty. Produced by (who else?) BILLY ANDERSON, the first 1,000 copies of Hand of Glory come as a limited edition, hand numbered deluxe digifile.

A promo video for the EP is now playing below

Next month, THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK will head out on a series of European and UK dates in support of Hand of Glory. For tour dates and updates go HERE.

A Whisper to the Thunder
The Dreamcatcher
Simon Herbaut (guitars)
Arnaud Silvert (guitars)
Sebastien Tarridec (bass)
Nicolas Tarridec (drums)
Christopher Poirier (drums, also of Human Jail)

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