Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kaotoxin to release Darkall Slaves' Single "Abysses of Seclusion" June 3rd

Kaotoxin Records will release a new single from French U.S.-style Death Metallers DARKALL SLAVES on June 3 (June 4th in the UK). "Abysses of Seclusion," from the revamped, two-vocalist band - featuring past and present members of Unsu, Amputated Repugnance and Visceral Carnage - began as a pre-production demo (Tsun Tsun Productions) that Kaotoxin found so impressive that the label decided to release it as a single featuring two tracks (plus an "intro") of bulldozer-ing Brutal Death Metal proudly performed in a style that is distinctly American.

With only a self-released EP under their belts (2008) in eight years of existence mostly spent going through a long list of line-up changes, DARKALL SLAVES have nevertheless managed to be noticed and get invited to play such famous Death Metal festivals as Germany's Death Feast, Belgium's Mass Deathstruction, Holland's Neurotic Deathfest (official after-party) and Houten Deathfest, as well as share the stage with peers Defeated Sanity, Gorgasm, God Dethroned, Hate, Lividity, Sinister, Vital Remains, etc.
1. (intro)
2. Mindless Damnation
3. Abysses of Seclusion

Moots - vocals
Markus - vocals
Gaut - guitars
Mupp's- drums
Alex - bass

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