Monday, May 13, 2013

LeGrand Bruit: Can you Endure it?

Back to the basics and in the best way possible Ray Legrand, Oblivion Myth frontman takes you in a whole new journey of Symphonic Power Metal alongside his brother Justin and son Ray III in the side project “LeGrand Bruit” and its first single “Endure”. Recorded at Ray´s brother studio in Nashville, mixed by Grammy Award Winner J.R. McNeeley and mastered by Lance King at Nightmare Records “Endure” shows an outstanding level of professionalism in all levels, be it in the studio work or in the beyond reproach execution of instruments and vocals.

For those who can´t take a tedious life without fast metal contemplating loud vocals, fiery solos, high speed drums, head melting riffs, powerchords and lots of symphonic background in the ancient way of the greatest like Rhapsody of Fire, Sabaton, Hammerfall, Gamma Ray and Blind Guardian “LeGrand Bruit” presents an inborn capacity to unleash extremely well played music with that epic and folk touch proper of this wide spectrum breed between metal and symphonies. Can you Endure it?

You can hear the song here, or below.

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