Friday, May 24, 2013

OKC Death Metallers Dischordia Kick Off The Speaking Ring Tour

With the release of their Creator, Destroyer EP in 2011, followed by the multi-state Waystation Tour in 2012, Oklahoma City's Dischordia have rapidly worked their way up to being considered "one of the most promising new metal bands in North America."

Now, with their debut full-length recorded and ready for July release on Rogue Records AmericaDischordia have decided to break in the new songs with their fanbase via the Speaking Ring Tour. The trek will take Dischordia across 13 states for a total of 18 dates in the USA.

"After the great success of the Waystation Tour, we know all the best places to play to break in our new material," comments Dischordia guitarist Keeno. "We can't wait to get back out on the road and shred it up again on the Speaking Ring Tour."

Dates are below. Individual show posters can be found here.

May 24 - San Antonio, TX - Fitzgeralds w/Wings of Abaddon, Fumar, Collect Your Dead
May 25 - Corpus Christi, TX - Zeros Hard Rock Club w/Modern Explorations, Circle of Vultures, Hanging a Horse Thief, Murder Ritual, Funeral Ash, Derangement, Defiled Creation
May 26 - Metairie, LA - The Cypress w/Two-Day Nation, My Machine, Routine Fiend, Defy Me, Brutiful, Unhinging Pleiades, Dropkik, Oroku Saki and the Foot, Blacken the Sun, Eternal Absence, Headspill
May 27 - Pensacola, FL - The Handlebar w/Sarcophagi (FL), Obsydeon (AL)
May 30 - Birmingham, AL - The Nick Rocks w/A Day Worth Dying For, Deleo, Blindmute
May 31 - Gainesville, FL - Mars Pub & Arcade w/Through the Eyes of Servents (IL), Eroding The Past (FL), Carry Your Ghost (TX), Nanerpus (FL)
June 01 - Cocoa, FL - The 321 Local w/Thought of Redemption, Blame the Tyrant, Waverly Hills
June 02 - Tampa, FL - Pegasus Lounge w/Human Abolishment Theory, Judicator, Deathtruck
June 05 - *TBA*
June 06 - Raleigh, NC - The Maywood w/Escher, Ectomb
June 07 - Newark, DE - Mojo Main w/Alustrium, Seeds of Perdition, Last Nail Driven, Curser
June 08 - Secaucus, NJ - The Blue Room w/I Am The Trireme, HELCARAXE, Anticosm, Ominous, Dark Sacrament
June 10 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Shop w/Slaves BC, Dope Lake
June 11 - Indianapolis, IN - Beale Street Live w/Summon the Destroyer, Wrath Incarnate, Rising Death
June 12 - Chicago, IL - The Mutiny w/Everything Must Die, Jacky Boy's Head, Venus Bear Trap
June 13 - Chicago, IL - Grandbar w/Everything Must Die, Air Raid, Wounds
June 14 - *TBA*
June 15 - OKC, OK  - The Chameleon Room w/Broken Flesh, Commotio Cordis, Indeed Sir

Visit Dischordia online at facebook.dischordia.

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