Saturday, May 25, 2013


PHOBOS PREACHER (Death Metal), was formed in late 2011, in the town of Borja (Zaragoza) following the separation of two local bands. Musicians with large experience, decided to get together and start composing. First born as a quartet, soon joined another great musician from Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza).

The band started the composition of songs and quickly played their first shows. They decided to present themselves to the Kolonorock 2012 contest, the band won it.

In late October 2012, the band recorded their debut album "Humanos" at the Aggressive Studios (Barcelona) by the hand of Pol Luengo and Carlos Leonardo. "Humanos" was released in January 2013.

1. Preludio
2. Agonía
3. La perdición
4. Hipocresía
5. Humanos
6. Lágrimas de arena
7. La última cena
8. Abre tu mente
9. Ahogado en mi adicción
10. Doctrina odiada

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