Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Reissue of Corsair's debut EP Alpha Centauri Drops July 8th on Shadow Kingdom Record

Another magnificent CORSAIR reissue, Alpha Centauri, is scheduled for release through Shadow Kingdom Records on July 8th.

Quietly arriving onto the scene in 2010, Alpha Centauri is CORSAIR's first EP and constitutes the foundation of what would be in the coming years a classic Progressive Rock / Heavy Metal band. Heavily rooted in the sounds of classic 70's Rock and Metal, the EP has splashes of just about every 70's band you can imagine, from Kiss, Led Zeppelin, and David Bowie to Black Sabbath. CORSAIR didn't really lather up on the Thin Lizzy sound until later, but the debut EP is a unique and quality product in its own right, attributes upon which Shadow Kingdom Records always places the highest value.

1. Skykrakken 
2. Black Ships 
3. Last Night on Earth 
4. Space is a Lonely Place 
5. Starcophagus

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