Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sweden's New Punk Sensation Review

The thing I love with going to shows with bands that I have never heard, is that you never know what you will get, cause life is after all like a box of chocolate. And you never know when you will get totally blown away . The band I'm going to discuss is one band that really blew me away when I saw them live  awhile back. The band I'm talking about is the band Lyckliga Idioter (Swedish for happy idiots) which is a young punk/rock band from Sweden, from the city of Helsingborg to be more precise. So these guys (two girls and a guy) are around 15/16 years old at the time I'm writing this(2013), and to be honest their live show was up there with bands populated by people twice their age, the show was well played and they had a good report with the audience, I enjoyed them so much that I asked for a demo,  which they didn't have at hand so they gave me a link to their soundcloud page.

And what I found on this page was a four track demo of what in Swedish is called trall punk. I don't know how to translate it, but maybe happy punk, fuck what do I know.  I don't really listen to punk at all, but to my ears this sounds like more punkish rock and roll, I get a very strong vibe of the Swedish band National teatern and for those of you who have no knowledge of Swedish rock/ punk I guess I have to explain myself better. Well think high energy punkish rock and you can't go wrong. What caught my attention when I saw these guys live was that the songs are highly dynamic, a lot of things are going on, tempos goes up and down, there are cool breaks and at times we are treated to some really melancholic stuff and in general  the song writing is really strong. I'm deeply impressed.

För Alltid Ung (Forever Young)
A beautifully melancholic rock song with a really gorgeous chorus, the emotion in the vocalists voice is nothing short of breath taking.  The song deals with remaining young at heart, I guess,

Chaffis jävel (fucking bus driver)
This one is a more of a up-beat punk song, catchy as hell if you ask me. Lyrically the song is talking about the public transport system in the south of Sweden, but also being young and getting discriminated for being just that, so it is a funny song but with a heart.

Joseful (a play on word with the name Josefin and the word ugly)
Another high energy explosion with some really nifty bass work.  This one also deals with being discriminated against, but this time for being a punk/different. 

Samhällets vägg (the wall of society, more or less)
This one is more of a 70's rock song which all you old progrockers will love, cause it is so 70's prog. I think this one is about the treatment of people seeking asylum in Sweden, and the cold reception they often get.

I generally don't comment on the lyrics on the albums I review, mainly cause I generally can't understand shit what the singer is growling about, but since these lyrics I could actually understand (since this is rock music) and I think they deserve praise since they are well written and they deal with important social issues. I don't know if I need to say this, but. They are singing in Swedish. 

One of this bands strong suits is their vocalist, she is killer, what a voice for someone this young, honestly if this would be played to me without me knowing, I would have thought that she was way older, but I guess I could say this about the entire band, everyone is playing their instrument like a pro. 
Sound wise I can't say anything bad, sure it is not a super slick production, but for being a demo (that I streamed)I think it sounds really nice, I was actually surprised that it sounded as good as it does.

So is punkish rock n roll your thing or do you just need some more Swedish in your life,  come forth and check out this young but deeply talented band.  For someone as bitter and cynical about the modern music scene this was a well needed beacon of hope.

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