Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Last Warning: "The Beast" New Video Released

Austria`s The Last Warning have posted a new video clip for the song "The Beast" taken from the upcoming full length "Progression" which will be released on June 28th, 2013 through Massacre Records. The video was shot in Athens, Greece and directed by Nick Mylonas and George Tsantilas (inthecoremedia). Check it out below.

The lyrics of this song are inspired by the life of the Austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger”. In 1974, Unterweger murdered an 18-year-old German girl. 
In 1976 he was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. While in prison, Unterweger became an author of short stories, poems, plays, and an autobiography. In 1985 a campaign to pardon Jack and release him from prison was started  by Austrian high society. He was released on 23 May 1990. In the same year,  the murder goes on in Europe and the United States. He was finally arrested by the FBI in Miami, Florida. In June 1994, Unterweger was sentenced to life in prison, again. He committed suicide at Graz-Karlau Prison before he could appeal the verdict.

The band started as Last Warning and released their first two albums under this name, but changed it to The Last Warning in 2009, due to the Italian band Last Warning having the same name.

1. The Beast
2. Devil Inside
3. Progression
4. The New Sign
5. Pain and Hate
6. Awake the Red Lion
7. Run
8. Down to the Ground
9. Haunted
10. Now I Bleed
11. Fake Blood
12. Say Goodnight

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