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Thunder Metal Tour Destroys Halmstad!

Nifelheim/Vulcano/The Stone  at James rock bar Halmstad Sweden 10-05-2013

The Stone

So I had marked down 7/5 as the day I finally get to see the mighty Vulcano in action, but no, the show got cancelled, bummer for all involved, but the next day I hear that they got a new show in Halmstad, a city one hour away! So off I went in my grey Nissan with metal music blasting.

As this being a show in Sweden the show started early, and the band who had that dubious honor was Serbias The Stone, a group of some really talented players, playing what I would like to describe a fast and blast beat filled melodic black metal. Really catchy stuff actually, I dug them very much. Their set was tightly played and you can really tell that these guys have been at it for a long time. I just have to mention the drummer, because he was really killer, sure they all were, but this guy added some more "tech" drum parts then what you generally hear in black metal, and that made the band even more interesting to me. Even thou they only played for a few people they gave it their all and put on a good show, and during the last song of The Stones set the club started to fill up.

It was clear from the get go that a lot of people where in this club to see Brazils pride and joy, death thrash legends Vulcano. Some of the guys in this band might have grey hair, but bloody (vengeance) hell they rocked, what a amazing show. The crowd was chanting Vulcano between songs, and a lot of people were singing (screaming I guess is a better word for it) along with the songs. It was like they had the audience in the palm of their hands, and vokillist Luiz really showed the crowd what a great front man he is. As with the first band of the evening one could really tell that Vulcano is a band that has been playing their metal for a long time and that they know exactly what they are doing and what they have to do to deliver a cracking show. Vulcano delivered a 15 song show with their classics mixed in with new for example they played the title track from their new album The man the key the beast. (which I reviewed here).  

We were even treated to a special guest appearance by Tyrant and Hellbutcher from headliners Nifelheim, but the highlight for me was to get to hear Bloody vengeance live… now I can die a happy man! What really impressed me with Vulcano is that they can gave a great show solely relying on playing great music. Their stage show was just them in plain clothes and a backdrop. Simple yet extremely effective, while a lot of bands rely on gimmick, Vulcano is all about pure passion for the music. I must give a shout out to the drummer Arthur von Barbarian, what a showman, such a master of the art of entertaining, gave this man his own tour or at least a TV show. Vulcano gave the audience just what they wanted and then some. Killer band, killer guys and a killer show.

And talking of shows, as evening turned in to night, it was time for the Nifelheim show, and damn what a show it was. Wearing leather and more rusty spikes then an old abandoned barn, Nifelheim took the stage in front of an ecstatic audience. This was the third time I saw Nifelheim, and it was far the best. To me Nifelheim has always sounded a bit shaky live, but with this new lineup, that is completely gone. This was a tight affair that made it clear in my mind that Nifelheim nowadays is a top class act. Many things that I said about Vulcano is also true about Nifelheim, this is a band that has been at it for a long time and it shows, these guys for sure knows what their audience wants and  how to deliver it to them.  For me Nifelheim is much more image driven then music driven, but with this concert they proved that they are not just there to be looked at they are also there to be heard. There were chanting between songs and people sang along to almost every song,  the atmosphere was really great and I do believe that the Nifelheim fans that attended this show will be talking about it for a long time. On one of the encores Attila made some guest vocals.

The sound this very necro evening was very good, actually way better then I was expecting for being a such a small club, so kudos to the sound man! Nifelheim had some sound problems but after banging some on the amp and then realizing that it was a guitar related problem, that little issue was worked out quick.  So if any of these bands is rolling through your home town, give them support! TheStone | VULCANO | Nifelheim

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