Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ABORYM Unleashes New Video “Dirty”

Italo-Norwegian Hard-Industrial-Electro Extreme Metallers ABORYM has released a new video for the title track of their upcoming album “Dirty”. Directed by Alberto Falcone, the video, features all three band members as well as actors, and, according to frontman and founder Fabban, the title of the track pretty much sums up the subject matter of the video.

Commented by the video director, Alberto Falcone: "At the first listening of "Dirty" by Aborym, i got projected in a dark world, where i could see the worst of every human. My aim was to tell a distressing and confusional situation, blurring the borderline between nightmares, memories and drug inducted hallucinations. The Pub where the story is set becomes populated by different apathetic idiot savants, each and every of them isolated in their own desperation. The few interactions that exist between them turn tragically. And then there's Luna, who stands still and feels passively all that happens and surrounds her. It was a terrific experience to shoot this video and meet the band members of Aborym, especially because i'm a faithful fan since the release of Kali Yuga Bizzare."

"Dirty" is out now in Europe and North America via Agonia Records. The album is available in CD, Digipack CD, LP and limited LP formats. There's also a limited T-shirt in yellow and black colours.

Formed in 1992 by frontman Fabban, ABORYM started life as a covers band and went through several transformations, eventually pioneering what the band calls Hard-Industrial-Electro Extreme Metal.  Today’s line up consists of Italians Fabban on vocals, bass and Synths and Paolo Pieri (HOUR OF PENANCE) on guitars, keyboards and programming, together with Norway’s Bard “Faust” Eithun (BLOOD TSUNAMI, MONGO NINJA, ex EMPEROR) on drums. 

The double album, “Dirty”, is the 6th full-length album ABORYM, and is set for release on Agonia Records on the 28th May in Europe and the 11th June in the USA/North America in digipak, jewel case and gatefold double LP formats.  The first CD will feature completely new material, whilst the second CD will include two completely re-arranged and re-recorded tracks from previous albums, covers of tracks by IRON MAIDEN, PINK FLOYD and NINE INCH NAILS, as well as a previously unreleased track which has been written by Alberto Penzin (CO2, ex Schizo) and is performed by both established musicians as well as several fans and spliced together from all the different sources.

"Dirty" is out now via Agonia Records. available in CD, Digipack CD, LP and limited LP formats here.

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