Monday, June 24, 2013

An interview with something Rotten in the State of Croatia!

Today I got the chance to chat with All Things Rotten the latest rising star in the underground art scene. Already with a few big names and other things under his belt Mr. Rotten is now ready to take the world by storm. Having his artwork on albums, t-shirts and even books R shares his take on the scene and the highs and lows of his career so far.

Wilhelm Lindh. So Mr. Rotten lets start this thing off by you giving me all the bio nonsens so we get that out of the way, when did you start, why?, who influenced you and so on. (Feel free to copy from your home page).
Mr. Rotten. Hello dear question asker (whoop) and hello you, you nonexistent art appreciator. Cuz we know, no matter how hard we try, most of people aren't interested in reading stuff that some retarded 33 years old Croat wrote.. somewhere on the web. Truth!
I was born as a baby, bred to obey my parents and go through schools. Around my 13th year of existance I started masturbating really often. I mean, it was awful. You remember that phase yourself maybe; "oh, there are Sharon Stone's ankles...bzzzzt... there we go". And then few times more in one day. Around the same time I discovered 'Tallica, Laibach, Megadeth... good times. Masturbation and metal; and trust me, those 2 go hand by hand in every life phase. All those skulls were cool, you know, when you're kid, it 's easy to pick up stuff like that. And on every release there was a badass cover.Ed Repka was and still is my fave... together with Greg cappullo, Ashley Wood and few more artists from video games like Silent Hill, etc. I was into Giger (as every young metalhead) but no anymore. Dunno why tho, I think I realised that all his work is based around pussy and cocks (and I don't mean animals). And I was way past my masturbation phase. I started doodling skulls, flying Vs, shit like that, nothing fancy... that was the real start. I mean, I'm drawing my whole life...since kindergarden, but let's skip explaining Freudian phase.

W.L. How is it to be a struggeling artist in Croatia? Do you have any other means of padding out the paycheck?
Mr. Rotten. Oh fuck me sideways and call me Katy Perry... It's tough, it's struggle. And no, I don't have any other things I do for money. It's not that I haven't tried. I just gave up after 300th try. As you probably know, our country is straight god damn awful, full of hypocrite Christians, lying government inbreeds and economy mafia... and they're all "buddies". I mean, we know it's happening all around the globe but in this 4 mil. people country on shitfuck Balkan it's even more hideous. It makes me sick and I wish 'em all slow and painful death. So, of course, I have to struggle to get more gigs. Who'd remember a guy from some obscure shithole country, right? Especially now days when the scene has more than enough pro and semi pro artists. And as a result I must keep my prices low, sometimes 50 percent lower just to get a chance and prove that I'm not a complete moron (that's still questionable). And when people give me chance they're always back...and that's my oh-so-well-kept-non-secret.

W.L. What is the piece of art that you have done that you are most proud of, and why, and why not some other?
Mr. Rotten. Well, I would be ├╝ber cunt to celebrate one piece (except if we are talking about tits) and knock down other stuff I did. But I was really happy when I managed to contact Snowy Shaw, was jumping around empty apartment like a moisty schoolgirl after he said my stuff is great. To explain, I 'm huge horror buff and LOVED his Notre Dame project. Even today, I think it's one of the most underrated quasi black/heavy bands. So we did a couple of pieces for his Snowy Shaw All Star Band; shirt designs, fucking  huge stage banner and cover for digital edition. What I appreciated the most about Snowy is that he's one hell of a guy, down to earth fella and really fun person. I was happy when Byron from Bal Sagoth answered my email. There was even talk about me doing some art for him, but that's all that happened. He's a really busy guy. But I must say, the best feeling in the world is when some young, unknown band is throwing out their first record with my art on it. That's what I'm living for actually. I don't look at bands as big or small, just as good or ..well, bad.

W.L. A while back you changed your psydonym, what is the story behind that. And why did you choose the new one?
Mr. Rotten. Well, dunno if people know, or if they even wanna know but my "maggot master" pseudo is taken straight from Nocturnal Breed "Agressor" album. It's the name of the song. A lot of people are mixin it with Slipknot thing. I'm still stickin to it, I just changed my web domain name to All Things Rotten. I've had new web design in mind and wanted to use new designer and, also, that's my facebook page name as well. Why is it your facebook name, you ask? Well, it's quite a simple thing, I wasn't allowed to use word MAGGOT in page name so that's the first thing that came to my mind. Not a big mystery or anything. "All Things Rotten" is something more global, universal, with many things under it's wings. My english phrases suck horrible ass but whatahell. deal with it!

W.L. You played in "inseart band name here" a few years ago, how come that you quite, and how is the artistic expresion different in music and in art?
Mr. Rotten. Ugh (copyrighted by PLAAG band, sorry Somber)!! Yeah, that was like 13 years ago. I'm fuckin old. As I type this I'm crying and have erection at the same time. Also, I lie a lot. So, take your pick! I was rhythm guitarist in band named "UZIEL". I sucked at guitar playing. Looking back, I wish I was drawing that whole time. But you cannot time-machine after shit is done, ya know. I didn't quit myself, it was more of an agreement. Things weren't functioning right, all members had personal issues; so we split, with no hard feelings or anything. I think that everyone lost interest. We had one demo out and we recorded one song properly. I think you may even know one member personally (and sexually) - wink wink.
About artistic expression part.. well, I think it's pretty much the same thing just other way expressioning. You know, it's a need... need to create, need to show something, to point out at something, to argue, to calm. We're talking about different tools (instrument or a pen). And I admire both.

W.L. . You have worked with some big names now, who are you most proud of about working with and give the dirt on them!
Mr. Rotten. I mentioned Snowy, I really dig and like (since I was high schoole) Mortiis, Kenneth from Nocturnal Breed, Katon from Hirax. Fuck, I even talked about job with Jason Newsted. But I'm small potato. High percentage of those work talks never end with actual work. but all is good, I cannot and mustn't complain. It's all in work description, you get some gigs, you lose some. No hard feelings. I'm not godgiven or think about myself as a great artist. I'm still learning and sucking cock, lickin asses for a chance. Not just me, everyone in any form of art. You see how bad the situation with bands nowdays is. It's all about retarded facebook likes. It's all about tits and asses, makeup, circus ...

W.L. Recently you where featured in a book called "Pandemonium" how did that come about and how do you think this will help you further your career?
Mr. Rotten. Yeah; I think someone from band I worked for (khm, khm, The Gardnerz) recommended me to editor of the book, Cristian Campos. He contacted me and asked if I'd wanna be in the book. Fuck yeah I wanna. It's a huge thing for me. One more milestone. The book is out as app for those gay iPads, iPods, I don't even know what people are using. So, yeah, I don't have a copy, hahah. I'm still hoping that paperback will be available not so long from now. But knowing in what direction the whole industry is going, I'm not sure it'll ever happen. It will surely help in my career, of course, thous I'm one of 100 artist featured in that book. That makes me sad; when I see other awesome artists in there I just wanna go fetal and cry my soul out. I feel like tiny shit among those truly incredible artists.

W.L. Do you prefer to work with smaller up and coming bands or the big boys? And who is the biggest pain in the ass?
Mr. Rotten. I prefer both of those options. Big band works are awesome for promotion, smaller band stuff is what the scene is all about. People tend to forget that. People tend to forget that Metallica had their first video on 4th album, till then, they earned money and claim audience through shows. People don't visit shows these days and it sucks. People are lazy, it's easy to download the mp3. It's easy to order cd through eBay. And it's hard to pick your balls from the floor and go and pay ticket to see your fav band, or just to support your local crew. Fuck, I'm like that tho. Behemoth was 500 meters from my house and I didn't wanna go and watch them. But I like to think that I'm helping in many other ways...or maybe I'm dead wrong, who knows. That was right off topic too. One more observation... big metal stars are simple guys, some small percentage of young bands behave like rock stars. And it's natural, you know, dudes like Mortiis have been there, done that, it's a phase I guess. I'm ok with everything.

W.L. Do you have a fuck off list?? People who you will never work with again. If so, will you let me publish it and shame them??
Mr. Rotten. Oh you bastard. I have that list and it's pretty short... one name. Tho I won't name and shame cause they're cult and all that jazz. And I'll turn out to be a major twat. I like to think I behave like professional on that matter. I lost Arckanum gig cuz of big mouth, and I learned my lesson well. It was 5 years ago, when I was starting, didn't know some info was hush hush and I fucked up badly. Since then, my mouth are wide shut, like Kubrick's eyes. Without Nicole Kidman. Naked. I keep awful lot of band secrets, makes me feel special although I'm misanthropic bastard without much of social life going on. I'm happy.

W.L.. Are you a burek (not sure about the spelling) man?
Mr. Rotten. Spelled right. Not exactly. I was, when I was younger and had ability to be drunk many days through the week. Burek was perfect snack after all night of drinks. So full of fat that you instantly went sober after you ate it. Really, true story, ask my countrymen.

W.L. When I was visiting Croatia last summer I feel like a lot of people where treating me like a criminal just because I look like a Viking, is there is any truth to this or am I paranoid, and how do you as a handsome Croat justify and make this up to me?
Mr. Rotten. First of all, thank you for your sexist and kind compliment. I am really sexy, cannot argue with that. I don't know why you're treated like that. It's quite the opposite thing. Our "metal" ladies would throw their punani all over you if they notice you're Swedish Viking dude. We're practically village and you know what happen to men from town when they're in village. They get all the pussy they can eat, ya know. Majority of our quasi female metal fans are like that. I guess they're following world trends. Vikings are cool, Amon Amarth and all that shit. Plus, you're in a band, man, if you jump off the cliff you'll stab a pussy or two at least on your way down. It's cheesy stuff, never liked that behaviour, but as I said, my social skills suck. I'm no lifer. Douchebag, but sexy nontheless.

W.L. Any good record come your way lately?
Mr. Rotten. A few. Really liked new Kalmah, they're parting ways with their COB stigma. Really like their record. Vektor is really, really nice band and their "Outer Isolation" album is awesome. Got my hands on Paradox "Heresy" LP, that is a true masterpiece. Then Winterhorde, great band. Also check new Noumena with new female vocals. Completed Windir discography. A lot of good stuff but mainly old thrash bands, back to the roots I say. Be'lakor, new Finntroll ... some other stuff.

W.L. What is the album that has your artwork that you enjoy the most, musically I mean.
Mr. Rotten. Dude, you cannot ask me to pick my favorite. I look at all bands as friends first, you cannot choose. I can tell you I enjoyed new Dendera "Killing Floor" a lot, Tempestora, Arsenite, Hatchet... I enjoy every band I work with, through that process the whole deal becomes more intimate (not in felatio way, but when payed for, I can do that too) and personal, new level. The whole process have those fan/band boundries erased, we're supporting each other, spamming around the web etc. Hope no band will be pissed cuz I haven't named them. I worked with 160 bands/companies till now, I really cannot recall everything 100 percent. Maybe it's cool to mention Toxic Vision and Sharon here because she is awesome and humble lady and wicked business woman.

W.L. I saw that you have your art on some books, what kind of books are they, sexy books?
Mr. Rotten. I work almost exclusively for Blood Bound Books. Small company with large heart for horror. I did 11 covers for their anthologies or novellas. There is one sexy horror anthology and it's called "Steamy Screams". You should look it up. It has 2 things I admire the most, tits and blood. I'm a simple man. There are other few book covers I did for other writers. All nice gigs, all awesome people.

W.L. If I would cover you in whipedcream, what kind of toping would you like to have on top?
Mr. Rotten. None, just smack my ass brainless and call me Priscilla.

By: Sweden`s Wilhelm Lindh*, "Portuguese by adoption," guitar player,  composer and owner of the Doom / Death Metal band The Gardnerz, for"The wisdom is found in the extremes, all extreme Metal here!".

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