Monday, June 10, 2013

Black Death Metallers NORDAFROST Re-release "Dominus Frigoris"

NORDAFROST, founded 1996 in Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, returns with the re-release of their rare 2002 EP "Dominus Frigoris"!!
Release date was May 31, 2013 as digipak edition incl. 6 bonus tracks via Godeater Records.
Aggression, atmosphere & versatile melodies are the trademarks of the stormy German frost-bunch, which follows the glorious path of classic 90s Black Death Metal.
Who follows well known bands as Immortal and Dissection, should get pleased with NORDAFROST's honest blizzard sound.

1. Battle Of The Winterhordes
2. Lyn Og Torden
3. Nocturnal Cult
4. Autumn's Armageddon
5. Only Shades Remain
6. The Rising

7. Assault (2005)
8. Frozen Paths (2005)
9. Leichenduft (Depression Cover / 2005)
10. The Victorious (2010)
11. Through Depths Of Cold (2010)
12. Frozen Paths 1997 (1997)

Svartis - Vocals, Guitars
Shoggoth - Guitars
Dargor - Bass
Snø - Drums

21.09.2013 Metal City Festival in Lünen, Germany with: 
Desaster, Satanika, Nordafrost, Black Horizons
more tba

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