Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blackened Thrashers from Hungary 'Verilun' announce new album recordings

Hungarian doomy-death-black combo Verilun recently signed with SLPT Rds.

Born in 2010 in Szombathely [Hungary], Verilun [whose name is taken from the Hunnic language and means "Blood moon", the Hunnish name of planet Mars] was formed by members of other well-known Hungarian bands:

Zoltan Sconberger (drums) ex-Seart Bliss,
Krisztian Varga (guitar) ex-Monastery / Hayseed,
Gyorgy Varga (bass / vocal) ex-Dalriada

Following few line-up adjustments and the ‘Blood Moon’ EP, Verilun will enter the studio in July to start recording the new album.

Drums will be recorded at "Q Studio" in Szombathely, Hungary, followed by different sessions in other recording facilities.

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