Thursday, June 13, 2013

FIR BOLG: "Towards Ancestral Lands" will be released next week 21.06.2013

Just about a week until FIR BOLGs debut album "Towards Ancestral Lands" will finally be released via Schwarzdorn Productions. The stormy Celtic Black Metal of the one man project has already earned much positive feedback from the metal media. Here are the cover, tracklist and all other information about "Towards Ancestral Lands".

01. Intro
02. Behind the Great Oppidum
03. Blood Heritage
04. Banshees
05. King of Wallachia
06. Strong Old Megalith
07. Final Battle on the Frozen Lake
08. Mag Tuired
09. Dun Aengus

Fir Bolg`s Towards Ancestral Lands Reviewed

German underground label Schwarzdorn Productions

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