Thursday, June 13, 2013

June the 21st release: Eterno, avenging groove metal from Stockholm

ETERNO entered the Molotov studio determined to make an album that put together the very best of what could accomplish.

"The title refers to the fact that if we don`t get any recognition for the album we will keep on blasting Heavy Metal anyway, just out of pure love for the music. That surely reflects the power of will of each member Out of a choice of approx. fifteen tracks we decided to put nine of them on the "UNTIL HELL FREEZES OVER" album."

1 Crossfire
2 Gokudo rage
3 Fire in the hole
4 Forbidden fruit
5 Batten down the hatches
6 Unsober
7 Crazy city
8 Creatin` a monster
9 Down

The album was produced by  Sliptrick Records with support of Martin Karlsson at Molotov Studios !- Hope you`ll enjoy the album..- PLAY IT LOUD!!!..

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