Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Machinage: Bidding farewell to Brazil for at least two months!

MACHINAGE increasingly narrows its relationship with the United States. In their third tour around the most powerful country in the world, the group is preparing for one of the most extensive tours which a Brazilian band already made there.

The group, initially, will be by the land of Uncle Sam for a little over two months, but the group said that "the intention is to stay at least three months" as told by the drummer Ricardo Mingote, which continues, "many gigs here will appearing during the tour and our intention is to embrace them all".

MACHINAGE is already presenting by the U.S. and by the first news received, again the group has been extremely well received! "The shows have been the best so far, the reception is tremendous, fans and bands who shared the stage with us are amazing!" concludes the singer Fabio Delibo.

The band will also record the new album in USA. The recordings will be in mid-June and July in Ohio with production by Curran Murphy (Nevermore and Annihilator). The participation of Felipe Andreoli (Angra) has been confirmed and soon the band will announce more news.

In addition, the band released one of the famous collective financing to raise the amount of US$ 3,000 for the project. Anyone interested in helping, please go here.

The band really count with the sympathy of all, noting that every amount donated comes with retribution, ie, that money get back somehow to those who help (with very interesting prizes and no draw)!

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