Sunday, June 2, 2013

MISANTROF ANTIRecords is proud to release the debut full length by AZGAAL`s "A MATTER OF DEATH"

AZGAAL starts in 2001. Two guys. A demo. No plans. Pure expression of feelings. Ten years later they do an EP and compilation. They split, but Na├»wyn doesn't give up and decides to wave his middle finger to the world: “A Matter Of Death” comes to life. And this creation aims to reach the deepest shade of death: AZGAAL joins Misantrof ANITRecords. Together they wave an even bigger middle finger to the world, and this is, once again, a pure expression of feelings!

AZGAAL haunts us all from France. AZGAAL claims this is some rockin' black metal, some black and roll.
Is that true? Call it black, badge it metal. See it killing, see it rolling... It doesn't change the core concept that lays among these nine killer tracks: AZGAAL is pure energy, pure power. It is as evil as black metal. As groovin' as rock'n'roll. As powerful as heavy metal. As obscure as the darkest gothic stuff around. Riffs that can annihilate. A rhythmic session that is a pure assault. A lethal production craeting a supreme sound performance. All this with the use of dual voice (aggressive one and clean one) feeds a wider range of emotions. These emotions arise from AZGAAL's burning fire, and will corrupt your soul.
A MATTER OF DEATH” is one of those albums that can change the rules. Nothing will be the same afterward. A supreme feast of music theories, that will simply blow your mind away, doesn't matter what kind of metal you used to prefer.
As every release by Misantrof ANTIRecords, AZGAAL – "A MATTER OF DEATH" can be downloaded for free from the band's Misantrof page. The release can be freely copied and shared by the general public for non commercial purposes and is protected by The Creative Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license. The download includes digital audio, cover artwork, press release and more info.


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