Wednesday, June 5, 2013

REPROACHER: Wyoming Audio Assassins Join Foreign Room Records Summer Takeover With Primitive Man Confirmed

Wyoming audio terrorists are pleased to announce their union with Foreign Room Records for the release of their ear-lashing Nothing To Save full-length. Set for official discharge on June 11, 2013, Nothing To Save offers up elevenmisanthropic assaults of relentless powerviolence-seared hardcore. A pile-driving exercise in rumbling blasts of low-end vocal snarls, Nothing To Save was recorded in in January 2013 in Salt Lake City by Andy Patterson (Gaza, Call of the Void), at the Boar’s Nest. Mastering was done by Jack Control at Enormous Door. Featuring a current member of Denver doom deviants Primitive Man, REPROACHER breed hate and disease through sonic decimation and maximum violence.

Elaborates vocalist Joel of the track: “This song is about some of my views on the media in America. In short, it’s a scam that's becoming more corrupt with time. The news is secondary to the advertisements, because that's where the money is made and every decision comes down to their fiscal bottom line. George Gerbner describes the paradigm that the media has created as causing a ‘mean world syndrome’ where the media has us convinced that the world is a terrifying place. This keeps us locked inside, glued to our TVs, waiting to be told what to think. It’s kept people consuming and keeps them dependent on the medications and the fast food and soda.”
If you missed it, you can still check out “Casemate” currently streaming below. Collect your teeth later. Preorder your copy of Nothing To Save HERE.
REPROACHER will bring their nihilism to the live front this Summer. Spewing forth a deafening wall of noise that conveys the angst-filled desolation of Western isolation and aggression, the tour will commence July 11th in Pueblo, Colorado and systematically obliterate over 40 cities throughout the US alongside fellow maimers, Primitive Man. See confirmed dates below.
REPROACHER Summer Takeover 2013
w/ Primitive Man
7/11/2013 Phil's Radiator - Pueblo, CO
7/12/2013 The Gas Works - Albuquerque, NM 
7/13/2013 Bear Space Collective - El Paso, TX
7/14/2013 The Trainyard - Las Cruces, NM
7/15/2013 The Korova Basement - San Antonio, TX
7/16/2013 Beerland - Austin, TX
7/17/2013 Bad Granny's Bazaar - Oklahoma City, OK
7/18/2013 Siberia - New Orleans, LA
7/19/2013 Downtown Music Hall - Little Rock, AR
7/20/2013 The Owl Farm - Nashville, TN
7/21/2013 Conundrum Music Hall - Columbia, SC
7/22/2013 Epic Problem - Tampa, FL
7/23/2013 Church Hill's Pub - Miami, FL
7/24/2013 Display - Gainesville, FL
7/25/2013 The Jinx Savannah - Savannah, GA 
7/26/2013 529 - Atlanta, GA
7/27/2013 Sidebar - Baltimore, MD
7/28/2013 The Pariah - Philadelphia, PA
7/29/2013 St. Vitus - Brooklyn, NY
7/30/2013 Even Flow - Long Island, NY 
7/31/2013 Dragon's Den - Boston, MA
8/01/2013 Cherry St. Station - Wallingford, CT
8/02/2013 Mr. Roboto Project - Pittsburgh, PA 
8/03/2013 Cafe Bourbon St./ The Summit - Columbus, OH
8/04/2013 The Rockery - Detroit, MI 
8/05/2013 TBA - Chicago, IL
8/06/2013 Medusa - Minneapolis, MN
8/07/2013 West Wing - Omaha, NE
8/08/2013 Stout House - Denver, CO
8/09/2013 The Shredder - Boise, ID
8/10/2013 The Phat House - Spokane, WA
8/11/2013 Track House - Olympia, WA
8/12/2013 The Black Lodge - Seattle, WA
8/14/2013 Ash St. Saloon - Portland, OR
8/15/2013 Oak Park Boiz House - Sacramento, CA
8/18/2013  5 Star Bar - Los Angeles, CA
8/19/2013 The Dial - Murrieta, CA
8/20/2013 Favorites - Las Vegas, NV
8/21/2013 Shred Shed - Salt Lake City, UT

REPROACHER began in late 2009 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Formed from the remnants of dissolved local bands, Joel joined TJ and Jarret and produced two demos in 2010. Jon joined in late 2010 and the band began writing and touring more seriously. After a handful of shows in March 2011, REPROACHER travelled to Salt Lake City to record a self-titled album with Andy Patterson, which was self-released. The band completed two West Coast tours with Denver grinders Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire and Death Of Self. REPROACHER later recorded a Tour Demo in October of 2011, again with Patterson, which was released via Dimlight Records. In the summer of 2012, REPROACHERdrove coast-to-coast in a 38-day US tour.

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