Wednesday, June 19, 2013

REVOCATION streams "The Hive"

Boston, Massachusetts, Technical Death/Thrash Metal band REVOCATION has posted a new song to stream "The Hive" taken from the self titled album, coming August 6th, 2013 (N.America) August 2nd (Germany/Benelux), August 5th (UK/World) on CD/Deluxe CD/2xLP/Digital via Relapse Records, check it out below.

Signaled by pheromones, the mark of doom's been placed
Death squad deployed, the colony must be erased
Ominous droning of wings echoes on the wind
Swarming elite descend, the slaughter to begin

A superior genus
The highest order of hymenoptera
Horrifying Behemoths
Completely defenseless against the terrors

Infiltrate the hive
A massacre of inferior brethren

Drones rendered helpless in the face of this attack
Unstoppable voracity, nothing can hold them back
Moving with one purpose, killing with efficiency
winged creatures lay siege, from this massacre there will 
be no reprieve


an orgy of evisceration
thoraxes severed by mandibles ravenous
thousands lay gutted from this extirpation so calamitous

succulent larvae, the spoils of war
regurgitating the brood, gorging on gore.

1. The Hive
2. Scattering the Flock
3. Arch Fiend
4. Numbing Agents
5. Fracked
6. The Gift You Gave
7. Invidious
8. Spastic
9. Entombed by Wealth 
10. A Visitation

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