Friday, June 21, 2013

ROUGH ROCKERS: Pimped & Poisoned EP

The first CD/EP from a new Swedish constellation presents five songs with a "Catchy as HELL"-edge and vocal harmonies as an essential part of the sound. All done with highly explosive energy.

Line up:
Magnus Hällström-guitars (guitarist with The Bribe and Quadria)
Peter Ljungberg- bass and vocals (bassplayer with Eterno)
Johan Eriksson- drums (drummer with LifeR and former drummer with Malte X and Buford T justice)

1. No more heroes
2. The vicious circle
3. Rough Rocker
4. Speedrocker
5. Rebel at heart

ROUGH ROCKERS formed about a year ago and started out as a songwriting/recording project trying to hammer out a sound to be the trademark for the band. ROUGH ROCKERS developed the concept at full range to this Pimped & Poisoned release.

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