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The Gardnerz` Exiting Reality Reviewed - Free Download!

I was one of the lucky guys who had the opportunity to meet Wilhelm Lindh, the man, traveler, artist and musician, the one to whom I now have the pleasure to call friend, the mind behind the band called The Gardnerz. Welcoming and hosting Wilhelm here in Portugal during his holidays was a great experience in all senses for HavyHardMetalmania. We shared culture, traditions and ideas and above all we learned the simplicity of life through the eyes of a humble and darting person ready to share his music and meaningful messages with the world. But here I am talking of Wilhelm like he´s the only one in this project when this isn´t the truth, in fact I also had a conversation with Francisco Martín (bassist) alongside Wilhelm via skype and I could see that Francisco is also a hard worker, an indispensable piece of the band that not only plays the bass as well as actively participating in important decisions and giving ideas. Without forgetting Vedran (drummer) and Niclas (vocalist) that unfortunately I haven´t met yet this quartet motto should be: one for all and all for metal!

But let’s talk of serious business… after the good debut release “The System Of Nature” and the great second release “It All Fades” the band worked to liberate more fucking tasty death/doom metal for you and the result is “Exiting Reality” a two part single with a total of twelve minutes of head shattering metal. For me this single is their best work till the date and also my favorite.  The reader can find my words odd seeing that it is very difficult for a single to surpass two albums but you can rely on my words because “Exiting Reality” is a small but dynamic and detailed single divided in “Exiting Reality pt.1” and “Exiting Reality pt.2” with lots of well worked riffs, varied vocal techniques (specially the demonic voice in pt2.) , different rhythms and many of the same old good influences but this time around with the consolidation of what can be called by their signature sound, those creepy and slow doom notes intercalated with energetic and melodic death metal will always project your mind to the name The Gardnerz.

The decision of making a single was a bit risky but very clever at the same time, if the outcome was less than good it would be short and savorless but the result was the total opposite, it was excellent so the risk was compensated with a brilliant composition of music. Like I said before they play the same old shit (in the best way possible and using Wilhelm words) and the writing process was the same as in the other albums, simple but filled with technique, distorted and clean, with the same theme of lyrics (as you can guess by the title), a blend of many influences but the thing here is that using the old method in a divided single brought all the details of the band above making it easier to listen and appreciate.

The recording process was also divided, guitar and bass were recorded at Funky Cat Studios, the drums were recorded at Armageddon Studio and the vocals were recorded at Natas sinep. The work was mixed and mastered by Cristian Rodríguez Lunecke at 15 Hz Studio. For me the worst possible scenario would be if the recording was extremely perfect but this is not the case and as usual the professionalism of raw and “unprofessional” recording took the band in the right way to give to the listener the unmistakable Swedish crude sound. I also need to praise the magnificent job of Cristian Rodríguez that in my opinion gave to the work a special glow with the flawless mixing and mastering and I really know what I am talking about cause I listened to the single even before the mastering.

Despite the division of “Exiting Reality” in two parts the continuity of the theme and composition is evident and follows its natural order as if what you hear after was really supposed to be heard. This is in fact is what makes all the difference and separates this work from the good works to place it beside the excellent shelf. 

The Gardnerz suffered a noticeable maturation not only of sound but of composition and production too. With all the instruments in harmony, an insane string performance by Wilhelm, a clear evolution of Francisco bass, a wider vocal technique of Niclas and a powerful drumming of Vedran,Exiting Reality” will make you beg for more!

One melee with the words, ideas and its paradoxes... albuns that are news, the reviews at "HeavyHardMetalmania.net", always with its watermark,  Pedro Ribeiro, with love for beer... sorry, music from an early age, he studied piano and singing from 7 to 14 years,  then, devoted himself to the study of the guitar for 5 years. "The wisdom is found in the extremes, all extreme Metal here!"

The band adds:
"With this release we want to affirm our standing as the most interesting and versatile doom/death band around these days. When most bands play it safe, we try to go our own way and incorporate all kinds of twists and turns into our music. I think this is our best sounding release and our most interesting work to date. This being our second release with this line up, I feel that we have really hit our stride and everyone know what to do to make the sweet music we call deadly doom. 

Lyrically both songs are linked and therefore being Part one and two, Part one deals with an awakening. To see things for what they are, what impact your actions has on your surroundings and the once around you. 

Part two. Is about the liberation from all that. A closure if you like.
We feel certain that these two songs will leave you longing for more of our epic doom/death metal."

thegardnerz.com |  facebook.thegardnerz

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