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The self proclaimed “True Norwegian Balkan Metallers” TROLLFEST have released a track-by-track video breakdown of their latest release “A Decade of Drekkadence”, which is an exclusive,  limited edition, Ten Year Anniversary Picture Disc containing new and unreleased material spanning the bands entire career. Performing the voice over on the video are Eric & Mark Dow from American Folk-Metlallers HELSOT who were on the recent PaganFest America tour alongside TROLLFEST.  The video can be seen below.

The sixteen tracks on "A Decade Of Drekkadence" include a completely new song, three covers, including songs from Tom Waits and Britney Spears, two B sides and the band’s 2004 previously unreleased demo which has been long-sought after by TROLLFEST fans.  Also included are re-recordings of acoustic versions of three of Trollfest’s signature songs which the band performed during a special acoustic set at MetalCamp 2012.  Each picture disc will include an email address that purchasers can contact to receive an MP3 download of “A Decade Of Drekkadence".  A video version of ”Toxic” the Britney Spears cover can be seen below.

Artwork for "A Decade Of Drekkadence"  is by long-time TROLLFEST collaborators Swedish Cartoonist Jonas Darnell and designer Terje Johnsen.  The team have pulled out all the stops for the picture disc, which illustrates a selection of characters created by Darnell for various of the band’s releases, including the iconic metal duck from the “Villanden” album and the hellhound from the track “Helvetes Hunden Garm” which has been a consistent crowd pleaser at TROLLFEST live appearances. "A Decade Of Drekkadence" is only available directly from the band.

"A Decade Of Drekkadence" track listing as follows:
Side A
01. På Beruselsens Vinger (new song)
02. Gods Away On Business (TOM WAITS cover)
03. Toxic (BRITNEY SPEARS cover)
04. Drekkadag (DREKKAMERATENE cover)
05. Selvforherligende Vås (B-side from "En Kvest For Den Hellige Gral"recording)
06. Drekkaekspedisjon (B-side from "Brumlebassen"recording)
Side B
01. TrollfesT (På Veg Til Vorspiel) (Demo 2004)
02. Drekka Konkurransen! (Demo 2004)
03. Drekka Mer!!! (Demo 2004)
04. ...Skogsfest... (Demo 2004)
05. Nachspiel In Ein Baum (Demo 2004)
06. Heimferd (Demo 2004)
07. Brakebein (acoustic re-recording)
08. Rundt Bålet (acoustic re-recording)
09. Karve (acoustic re-recording)
10. Gitarharding Bromleskandinav (song from the Brumlebassen teaser)

More information about TROLLFEST can be found on the band’s website at

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