Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ABSORBED "Reverie" [+Demos] 2-CD coming out soon!

The wait is over!! One of the most sought after recordings of the 90's spanish Death Metal scene is finally going to be rescued from oblivion. This is the unreleased album "Reverie" by ABSORBED, recorded back in '96, but never totally finished and released... until now!! Accompanying this lost gem there's all the recorded material by the band from their very beginnings in '91 to their demise in '96. There's also an unreleased 7"EP from '93, tracks from a 3-way split CD from '94, their demos '91 & '92 and a very good live recording from '96.

ABSORBED was one of the leading Death Metal bands in the spanish scene during the 1st half of the 90's playing a somewhat unique style unusual on this scene back then, which was a quite technical Death Metal in the vein of the early precursors of this style such as DEATH, OBLIVEON, GORGUTS, PESTILENCE, ATHEIST...

This release, which is part of the "Xtreem Cult Series", comes in a 2-CD with 31 songs clocking 2 and a half hours containing all the aforementioned recordings with remastered sound and a complete booklet featuring an exclusive interview depicting the complete band's history as well as lots of photos, demo covers, etc.

"Reverie" is a must-have piece on every good old 90's classic Death Metal collector. Release date is expected for July 22th and here you can hear the opening track for this unreleased album:

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