Sunday, July 28, 2013

ALL ANGELS MASSACRE announce new vocalist

Original metal project ALL ANGELS MASSACRE have announced the addition of the Ex-Inexacta's vocalist Carlos Martinez as its new member. The Chilean singer is currently residing in Barcelona, Spain.

The project All Angels Massacre was created by Pirosaint's drummer Ignacio Orellana. The whole idea was to create and publish metal music over the internet, using technology, skills and commitment. The current line up reads as follow, Ex-Inexacta's vocalist Carlos Martinez (Spain), The Gardnerz's bass player Francisco Martin (Sweden), Masterpiece's guitar player Regisson Silva (Brazil) and Pirosaint's drummer Ignacio Orellana (New York, US).

Drummer Ignacio Orellana have commented: "The way that the music business is been handle today, there is a chance for all the musicians to showcase its skills and I believe that exists so many talented people out there and because of my work and connections, I had the privilege of meeting a bunch of professional musician all over the world and I know in my heart that this project can be accomplished with no problem whatsoever. We only need to find the right support for our music. Each member have a special skill to add to this mixture, is going to be a blast for sure".

The first track "All Angels Massacre" is currently been mixed and mastered. The band expects to have it ready to be released in the next few weeks. The track will be supported by a lyric video.

For more information visit its official Facebook page or website.

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