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ARCEYE: Interview; New video in the next days!

Will. Hello guys whats up?
Al Llewellyn. Hey! We are good ta, Thanks for the interview!

Will.  You guys have been in the death metal game since 2004, give me your story so far?
Al Llewellyn. Yeah we started the band back in 04, Back then it was just a mess around band really, we played a few local shows and released our First Self titled Demo in 2005.
We were called Arceye back then but we have had member changes along the way, its just me and Dave who have been in Arceye from the beginning.
In 2007 We released Our E.p 'As the ground Consumes you' Through A Wolf At Your Door Records.
In late 2009 We released 'The Divide Between Chaos and Order' This was the first time i tried my hand at vocals, as previous to that we had a different vocalist. 
'TDBCAO' Really started the ball rolling for us, We had some great feedback, Had our music on the cover mounts of Metal Hammer and Terrorizer mags, Supported some awesome bands like Decapitated, Kataklysm, Finntroll, Played Bloodstock, Hammerfest and toured up and down the country.
After 'TDBCAO' was released, we had a couple of member changes (thats when Craig and Luke Joined the band) so we had to get them up to speed with the last album and we decided to extend the gigging cycle before we started to write the new album.
Which brings us to now, we will be releasing 'At First Light' on the 7th of August 2013.

Will.  What is the story with the band name, any special meaning behind it?
Al Llewellyn. When Dave and I left school we both started working at a garage where we used welders. Arceye is "a painful eye condition caused by damage to the cornea from ultraviolet radiation during arc welding"  No special meaning, we just got talking about it and thought it would be a cool name ha ha.

Will.  With four releases under your belt, how do you feel that you have progressed?
Al Llewellyn. Im really happy with this new album, i feel that musically we have made a massive progression, although if you listen through our back catalogue you can still hear its us.
Al Llewellyn - Vocals & Bass
Dave Roberts - Guitar & Vocals
Luke Durston - Guitar & Vocals
Craig Mackay - Drums & Samples
Will.  How has it been on the live front, any specially memorable gigs and what is on the horizon?
Al Llewellyn. We have played some really cool shows, the ones i listed above have my personal highlights, especially Bloodstock, we were on Last on the friday night and the tent was packed! it was awesome playing to that crowd, there is a video online of us playing the last track of the set 'Slaughtered' it was such a fun show.
We are currently working on a tour plan for this album once its released, but we are planning to play all over the shop to get it out there!

Will.  Great Britain has a well great metal heritage, how is the scene in Great Britain these days,and how does if feel to be apart of this great tradition?
Al Llewellyn. It feels good, there is a very big scene in the UK, i think everybody i know has been in a band at some point ha ha. Its nice that there is a lot of bands about, but it does make the competition fierce though.

Will.  After taking your new Cd At first light for a few spins, great Cd btw, I noticed that you influences are rather Swedish, but with a lot of personality, is this something conscious or has it just happened naturally?
Al Llewellyn. Thankyou, I think its something thats happened naturally really as (although we like the bands) were not influenced heavily by the Swedish Melodic Death sound, but i can see that some of it comes through in our music. We are all big fans of Opeth, but they don't have that typical Swedish sound. We all love all different types of metal, but collectively we more into bands like Pantera, Testament, Decapitated, Opeth, Cannibal Corpse, Strapping young lad and Metallica.

Will.  You guys are obviously stellar musicians, what are you guys musical background before joining Arceye?
Al Llewellyn. Dave and I have only really played in Arceye, but before joining Arceye Craig was in a band called 'The Hollow Earth Theory' who were doing really well for themselves, but Nathan moved over to Sweden to join Sonic Syndicate so we stole Craig at the same time. Luke has also played for a couple of bands previous to joining us, but Arceye is the first band he has had the chance to really sink his teeth into!

Will.  Can you give me a short run through about the topics you guys growl about??
Al Llewellyn. Lyrically I tend to write about life topics and feelings, i usually start with something i feel strongly about or something which has happened to me and expand it.
For example 'I Silently wait' is about the time we had our rehearsal rooms broken into and most of our instruments stolen. We have just released a Lyrical music video for that song, and its all about what i think of those "Humans".
The album had a running theme through it which ties in with the album name and artwork, At First light is about the Climb and the journey of being in the band, and what we have accomplished and where we want to be heading.

Will.  How do you guys view the problem or the help you get from illegal downloading, how do you choose to view this topic?
Al Llewellyn. Personally i don't do it, its not a moral thing for me but i like to have the physical copy of someones album in my hands. I feel as someone in a band, the package of a album isn't just in the music, its also in the artwork and lyrics so i like to get a cd and Look through the booklet as i listen to it, as you gain more of an understanding of the band and their music that way. I can see how its damaging for bands who rely solely on the music for their income, but if someone rips a copy of our alum to listen to it, in a way I'm happy that they enjoy what we do, ill just make them buy a t shirt, you can't download that!!

Will.  What can I find at the merch table at your gigs?
Al Llewellyn. We are currently getting new merch for when the album is released, we have Cd's and Shirts but will have new additions to the merch table once its released, so watch this space!

Will.  If you would rate the guys in the band pure upon looks, who would be at top, and which Spice Girl are you guys?
Al Llewellyn. Me, Obviously, ha and Luke's Baby Spice, Dave is Horny Spice and Craig is Asshole Spice.

Will.  Thanks for your time and if there is something you would like to add now is the time!
Al Llewellyn. No worrys, thankyou for the awesome review*!
Yeah we will be releasing another video in the run up to the album launch, so you can keep a eye on what we are up to on our Facebook etc and if you want to pre order the album, you can from our big cartel which is, Cheers!!

*Arceye's Top Class Full Length "At First Light" As An Album Of The Month!

Tracklisting for ‘At First Light’ is as follows:
01. At First Light
02. The Storm
03. The Longest Drive
04. I Silently Wait
05. Sirius
06. Brother Disarmed
07. Prey Forgiveness
08. Damage Done
09. The Thirst
10. Dusk

Pre Order 'At First Light' NOW  | facebook.Arceye

By: Sweden`s Wilhelm Lindh*, "Portuguese by adoption," guitar player,  composer and owner of the Doom / Death Metal band The Gardnerz, for"The wisdom is found in the extremes, all extreme Metal here!".

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