Friday, July 19, 2013

Depressive Black Metallers THY LIGHT Unveils New Video "The Bridge"

After six years in silence, Brazilian Depressive Black Metal band "Thy Light",  will release tomorrow the newest album entitled "No Morrow Shall Dawn", July 20th, 2013 through Pest Productions.

A video for "The Bridge" can be seen below.

1. Suici.De.spair

2. Wanderer of Solitude
3. No Morrow Shall Dawn
4. Corredor Seco
5. The Bridge

From both sides, all I feel is forgotten memories
An eternal gaze to infinity's immensity
Distance that tear us apart... from an endless world
One last breath, one last whisper
My universe shuts up facing the bridge

Thy Light is Paolo Bruno all instruments, Vocals
Alex Witchfinder Lyrics

"Corredor Seco" in Portuguese translates to "Dry Corridor", the name of a wet and restricted place in the middle of "The Zone", a "mystical" nuclear forbidden area in Andrei Tarkovski's movie "Stalker" (1979).


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