Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Executer: 25 years honoring Thrash Metal in Brazil

Reaching a quarter-century history of a band is an act in itself Titanic. Reach 25 years down the road at its best is something for the few, very few.

This is the case of EXECUTER, the band formed back in 1987 which reaches its 25th anniversary at its best. All this can be proven by the latest work of the group, a DVD recorded last year.

Released this year by Kill Again Records (Violator, Attomica), the DVD has as its main attraction the show held at 'Executer Fest' and as extras, videos of the presentations of the other bands of the festival: Andralls, Blasthrash, Funeratus, Mortage and Sangrena.

Watch a teaser below.

The work is now on sale directly with the band and by the site Kill Again.

Contact for concerts and merchandise: executerthrash@hotmail.com | facebook.executer

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