Monday, July 22, 2013

INCARCERATION - Debut EP and Eurotour

The Brazilian (German based) Old School Deathmetallers of INCARCERATION signed with the Dutch label Dawnbreed Records for their Debut EP release. Entitled Sacrifice, on the EP are 3 tracks and will be released in 500 7" Vinyls: 400 black and 100 white ones (including Patch). It has been produced in Canada by Jera Cravo (Headhunter DC, Escarnium), and the illustrations made by Jane Whitney from Sweden.

To promote this release the band unleashed the track Forsaken and Forgotten, BELOW.

"This song was made for you, underground gravediggers of insane riffage, horrifying screams of agony and into the fastest venomous and vicious riffs of Nihilist, Repugnant, Sadistic Intent, Slayer and Sepultura. Open a Beer, listen to it as loud as you can, check out the lyrics, bang your head and stay tuned!" says Daniel Duracell, singer and guitarrist of the Band.

In promotion of this release, the band has already gigs scheduled in September and October in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Czech Republic. For more information and booking. here.

Seven decades of selfishness - Seven decades of lies
Seven decades directionless - Decades lost in time

Now the old man questions himself
About his choices, his frustrations
Prays for gods and saints for help
Days of desperation

Near of death lying in an asylum
Waiting for his time to come
No more breath, no more smiles
All his will to live is gone

Sick of pain and sadness - Death is what he now can see
After all this madness - In the end he will be

Forsaken and Forgotten


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