Friday, July 5, 2013

NORDHEIM Stream 4 Live Videos from Viking Fest Mtl 2013

Canadian epic folk metallers NORDHEIM have released 4 Live videos from their headline show in Montreal on June 30th at Viking Fest Mtl 2013.

Three Live clips from their second album ‘Refill’ can be viewed below.


“Mask of the Banned One” 

“Get Drunk or Die Tryin’”

The fourth live clip “Old Crazy Man” from their debut album ‘Lost in the North’ is streaming below.

Nordheim’s sophomore album ‘Refill’ was recorded at Badass Studio, Montreal, Canada just last winter, and was produced by Jef Fortin (Neuraxis, Augury, Kälter, Blackguard, Your Last Wish).

The artwork for “Refill” was created by Nicolas Francoeur of Vorace Art, as was their 2010 debut album “Lost in the North”.

NORDHEIM will also support FINNTROLL in Toronto, Canada along with Trollband and Havok at the Opera House on August 12th.

The "Refill" Track listing is:
1. OV Frost and Ice 
2. Mask of the Banned One 
3. Get Drunk or Die Tryin’ 
4. Watch the Raven Die 
5. Under a Crying Storm 
6. The Grief 
7. Winter’s Dawn 
8. As Shadows Pass By 
9. Soulblood

Warraxe – Lead vocals and guitars
Fred - Lead guitars
BenFok - Bass and vocals
Thom - Keyboards
Lukas – Drums (Kälter) 

For more info on Nordheim visit here.

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